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Pure Drinking Water filters WHAT IS CLEARMAX?

Inspected by the Australian Environmental Protection Department, the Clearmax water purifier is a compact, easy to assemble water purifier that can be transported and conveniently stored when not in use. Clearmax simply requires a gas or electric heat source to make the whole water purification process work.

It is proven to treat and improve more than twenty different kinds of polluted drinking water to the best result including:
• Muddy Water
• Alkaline Water
• Chlorine Water

Know your loved ones are drinking safe, clean water.

The Clearmax Water Purifier is an easy, simple and safe portable water purifier. Water is essential to all life on Earth. There’s plenty of safe water in the world – but not all of it is safe to drink. Unseen toxicants and bacteria can cause you and your family great harm. Clearmax has been created to give you the confidence to provide yourself and your family with uncontaminated drinking water.

Clearmax removes the dangerous elements from your drinking water that cannot be seen by the human eye.

‘There’s plenty of safe water in the world –
but not all of it is safe to drink’

countertop water filter FOR YOUR HOME
Provide purified drinking water for you and your family in the comfort of your own home.
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water filtering systems FOR YOUR

Provide purified drinking water for your charitable cause.

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Filtered Water Systems

Clearmax water purifier is the best water filter system available to deliver you clean drinking water. Drinking filtered water is the safest way to make sure no harmful bacteria enters your body. Hydrate yourself with Clearmax drinking water with the use of our drinking water filter. Using pure water filters is the solution to providing you with clean filtered water that everyone can enjoy.

Providing clean drinking water to the family is significant in maintaining health without the risks of harmful bacteria. Buying jugs and bottles of water for your home can be expensive. Using pure water filters provides the safest drinking water to you and your family. With Clearmax, we can ensure you will stop having to buy bottled water for your home. Clearmax home water filter makes a great countertop water filter to provide safe drinking water for you and the family. With its sleek and compact design it sits nicely in the home as a countertop water filter to provide clean drinking water anytime of the day.

Clearmax’s compact and portable design makes it a great portable water filter system to bring along on camping trips. Being proven to treat more than 20 different kinds of contaminated water, Clearmax is the ideal choice out of all water filters available to provide clean filtered water in remote locations. Our light and portable design makes it easy for you to always have a drinking water filter to provide you bacteria free drinking water.

For the best water filter on the market, Clearmax water purifier is the solution. Enjoy clean and safe drinking water anywhere anytime. Ideal as a home water filter or as a portable water filter, Clearmax is one of the best water filtering systems available. Clearmax is an easy to buy water filter which can be purchased online direct from Clearmax.

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